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End to End Attention to CX

A simple point. often overlooked.

Your customer experience doesn’t just end with your company. but also extends to partners who sell your product and those who support and service customers. Telestra recently announced (link below) a new customer experience focused program and showed that its management understood that point.

As it undertook Net Promoter Score measurement, Telstra extended the program to its retail partners and created an incentive program for those partners around their NPS scores.

Paying attention to brand linking

What determines if a partner will affect your brand via the customer experience they provide? A lot of it has to do wit how closely a customer will link their experience with that partner to your brand. For example, if yours is the only product in that category that they sell — then expect high brand linking. If they are the only or most common place to buy your product, then again — expect high brand linking.

If there is high brand linking, then you need to extend your CEM efforts to include those partners. Ignoring them won’t work … otherwise all your efforts internally will be undermined by that significant omission.

A key way you measure your partnerships.

Holistic and strategic we always say. Companies tend to have tunnel vision when it comes to a lot of areas of their business and partnerships are no exception. A retail partner is often only measured by sales volume / margins. but what about their effect on CX and customer retention? How about their impact on your brand?  A lot of your expenses go towards brand development along with customer acquisition and retention. If partners are exacerbating those costs, that needs to be incorporated into your financial model for assessing their strength as a partner.

It goes back to our favorite subject: business model visualization.  Every decision you make and every program you implement should be based upon a complete sense of the impact across all areas of your business model.  The reason is to avoid the hidden enemies of profit and growth. Truth is they’re not hidden, rather they are ignored by managers who take a narrow short term view of building a business.

An excerpt from the original article on the Telstra NPS Program:

'We've had a company-wide roll-out of the Net Promoter System. Now NPS is both a system but also a cultural change and this has been one of the largest change programs that we've really ever undertaken in the country,'' he told analysts after the release of the company's half-yearly results recently.

A Telstra franchise owner said Mr Thodey was ''very serious'' about customer service. He said he could now get paid for getting a good customer service score without necessarily selling a product or signing the customer up for a Telstra contract.

The takeaway

What’s most striking is Telestra’s understanding of their business model, and how brand impact has a value that warrants rewarding franchise partners even if there isn’t an associated sale.  That mindset reflects a holistic view that is key to a higher success rate of customer facing programs.

May 30, 2013 | Original Link

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