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Temkin Raise the Bar on Employee Engagement in CX Efforts

As always, CX thought leader Bruce Temkin is leading the way in devising new methods for companies to create momentum in their CX transformation efforts.

Temkin Group's latest research report, Introducing Employee-Engaging Transformation, centers around the importance of getting your team aligned around your CX transformation efforts. The link to the new release about it is below.

Is This the Right Approach?

Obviously if Temkin is talking about it, there's something valuable there.  We also have a few reasons why we believe it's the right way to go:

  1. Employees are the moving parts of your organization and the direction they move in decides the direction of your strategic initiatives.
  2. Consistency is key and it’s impossible without employee buy-in. Misaligned team members are the biggest enemy of consistency.
  3. Osmosis is critical: you can implement all the communications systems you want, but it’s the energy and emotion of human interactions that sustains the power of transformation initiatives from the top level to the overall organization
  4. Front line employees still know a lot and they are your real-time barometer of the state of affairs. If their not ‘onboard’, you’ll continue to suffer lagtime in discovering when things aren’t on the right path in your CX efforts.

Taking it up a level

At a strategic level, there's more to what we like about the approach Temkin is suggesting. It goes far beyond dabbling in employee buy-in and instead goes to setting a higher bar that demands that employees are

  1. vision aligned
  2. mobillized
  3. engaged by communications
  4. receive persistent leadership at the upper and middle management levels.

It’s the higher bar that really hits home for us

CX transformation is a dramatic challenge for an organization and it demands a dramatic elevation of the organizations capabilities — starting with the strength of its collective employee force.

Feb 7, 2014 | Original Link

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