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Have You Got CSat Blinders On?

They put blinders on horses so they stay focused and don’t get distracted by external things and other horses. But does the same thing work in business?

You’d be amazed how many businesses operate like horses with blinders on. And those blinders are often their own CSat surveys.

CSat surveys are a powerful tool but they also have big limitations. They don’t look ahead and they don’t look at gaps that you’re leaving for competitors. That’s the blinders that kill businesses later.

Ask the following companies if they 'saw it coming':

  1. Car rental companies about ZipCar's arrival and disruption of the space
  2. Leading hotel chains about AirBnB taking business travelers from them
  3. Taxis companies and drivers about the Uber phenomenon
  4. Cable companies and video rental stores about the Netflix effect
  5. Retail music stores about ITunes the transformation of the music business
  6. Retailers about the impact of Amazon and the showrooming phenomenon

Should I continue?

One simple question that every senior team (expecially the CEO) should ask themselves every day:

Are we afraid of change?

If the honest answer is yes, then it’s time to change how you approach all your analysis and decision making. There are plenty of examples of companies ignoring the signs around them that ultimately saw them left behind by a industry shift led by innovative competitors.

The biggest cause? Being afraid of change. That desire to keep things the way they are is about as un-customer centric an approach as there is. It puts the company and its key people at the center — rather than customers. The problem is the still the ‘golden rule’. The person with the gold makes the rules. The customer has the gold and they’re spending it where they get their needs met best.

It’s all about anticipating expectations

The big problem with CSat surveys is they don’t feed forward thinking. Instead they measure status quo.

Increasingly, industry disruption is sudden and massive — almost like an earthquake shifts the ground under you. Some companies have no choice but to play the role of disruptees.

Agility is key for those companies

Knees bent and abs tight as your skiing or tennis coach would say. Be ready for sudden changes in direction without losing balance.

This question is one that I’ve implemented in several companies that i’ve owned and/or led. We ask it in every management meeting — every time there’s a big decision to be made.

Are we afraid of change?

What answers did you get when you asked the same question in your management meetings?

Mar 25, 2014  

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