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Identifying and Managing Transformational Change Efforts

When is a program just a program and when does it need ‘change management’?

Key questions for any business

  1. How do you distinguish a transformational change effort from a typical program?
  2. What are the keys to successfully pulling off transformational change?

Rick Torben, on his blog, wrote a great piece (link below) in which he offers a change management checklist and we recommend it as a great tool for any business.

If you look through Rick’s change management checklist, the answers to our two key questions start to reveal themselves.

Here are few main points we came up with.

Recognizing transformational change

There are a few key questions that will help to decide whether what you're undertaking is truly transformational:

  1. Is the reason for the program or effort readily apparent and understandable for most key team members? If the answer is no, then there is likely a transformational effort underway which needs the expertise of change managers to translate and evangelize the reasons to the key audiences within your organization.
  2. Is the program disruptive to core parts of your operation?  If the answer is yes, then the effort represents disruptive change. It’s a voyage with many more roadbumps as it runs head-on into long standing ways of doing things. Clearing those bumps is a critical responsibility of a change management specialist.
  3. Is the impact long term and large scale for your business?

When greater leadership is key

By definition, anything which has the ability to transform your business exponentially over the long term warrants expert leadership. Failure is not an option when the opportunity is so great. Given the tendency of most corporate programs to fail (for a variety of reasons), those which have the highest potential impact demand the most powerful leadership team to support them.

May 8, 2014 | Original Link

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