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We're all about Customer Excellence (so we changed our name)

We've got a new name — Customer Excellence Magazine (and our new url is  It's all about setting a new standard in the approach companies take to building customer relationships.

Why customer centricity matters

It’s not about the business principle but how it changes a business. Customer centric companies are faster moving, more agile, more competitive, higher growth and more profitable. It’s as simple as that.

There are 3 key parts to our enhanced mission:

1. To drive a new breed of business optimization

One that centers around customer excellence as a competitive strategy. We want to lower the barriers to companies achieving that level of customer relationship.

2. Changing how companies compete

Not just improve competitiveness but we want to change how companies compete — by teaching and empowering them to be more customer centric across the entire business.

3. Reducing friction on the way to greatness

Our aim is to be the ‘grease’ that reduces the friction that halts many customer centric initiatives. We help complete strategies and build tool kits by bringing knowledge and vendor referrals together — completing the puzzle for total success.

A few key beliefs that drive us

no blind principles

We love the evangelists who talk about customer centricity as if it was a religion but we really believe it’s more about good business. and we’re here to show you how it can be good for your business.  If you can't see the alignment to your day to day challenges, it won't become a key part of your way of doing business.

excellence: a higher standard

It’s one thing to meet an minimum standard and it’s another to set a new benchmark. That’s what excellence is all about — setting a new standard in an industry.  We want your company to be doing that in your industry.

bye bye 80/20, hello 80+20

It wasn’t long ago that things were about avoiding that last 20% because it took ‘too much effort’ for its return. It turns out the return was underestimated. If you really visualize your business model, then you’ll realize the true value of customer centricity and the cost of not pursuing it

more for more

Letting customers expect more from your company means you can expect more from them (just ask Apple why their margins are so much higher than Samsung’s)

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Article CX Strategy

It's impossible for companies to focus on the 'easy' market segments (ie. non millenials) and get comfortable with a less than competitive product or service offering. 

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The price is very high for falling behind when there’s an evolution going on — it can be extraordinarily bad for your brand.

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Achieving customer satisfaction has never been more complicated -- with so many generations of customers (Boomers and Gen X, Y and Z).  Throw in a multitude of communications platforms and the problem gets even more complex.

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