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Companies Need to Be 'About Something'

I’ve been through 6 companies that I’ve either started, bought, turned around, sold or failed to succeed with. You learn a lot along the way (sometimes more from the failures) but one thing that really stands out is the need for a company to be ‘about something’.

Call it what you want

You’ve heard all the lectures about having a mission or vision statement. The problem is sometimes those Management School buzzwords can take the ‘soul’ out of something that you would probably believe in if it had a less contrived name.

Having a centre

Maintaining alignment is one of the toughest challenges facing a CEO. And it gets even tougher when there isn’t anything to align the team to.

A customer centric centre

Your core defining DNA shouldn’t just be about being customer centric — that’s an approach not a vision. But when you define your central DNA — what you want your company to be about — then aligning that with something that customers will be emotionally connected to makes sense.

Simultaneously aligning to the customer

The big reason for keep customer centricity in your core mission is to make things easier on yourself.  If you do that, every time you realign your team — you also realign to your customers.  In today’s competitive and socially driven business climate, nothing could be more important.

The best ones have both aligned

 Pick your leading company that is growing and profiting in this new business reality and you’ll find a company that’s got that double alignment.  

 The key point here is that great companies achieve a vision that helps to align their team and to align their company with their customers.   And they keep doing it — realigning constantly on both side — because that’s the recipe for success:

 A company which is deeply aligned to its customers and filled with a team that is equally aligned to that same vision.

Jan 12, 2015  

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Article CX Strategy

It's impossible for companies to focus on the 'easy' market segments (ie. non millenials) and get comfortable with a less than competitive product or service offering. 

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