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Vocal Customers Are Gold (Even if They're Complaining)

Defining the Real Problem

Customers who complain loudly are often seen as a negative in a business.

But the biggest problem a company can have is lack of emotion in its customer base when it comes to their interaction with products and services. A lack of emotion precludes strong promoter activity.

Nice Theory But ....

You might be thinking — ‘nice theory but that doesn’t really apply in real business’. I used to think that too.

My thinking shifted over the course of 100s (if not 1000s) of escalations calls I took as COO of a B2B cloud business. If you ask me what stunned me the most from the experience — it was how loyal and active promoters were born from the most vocally unhappy customers once I started to master the playbook on handling serious escalations.

A Powerful Core Principle

My father-in-law loves this line: the opposite of love isn’t hate …. it’s no love. It’s amazing how that applies in business as well. The absence of any emotion in the customer relationship, where a customer who doesn’t get what they expected simply quietly leaves is a real sign of unhealthiness for a business.

Not just because of low customer satisfaction but a total lack of engagement or emotion around your offering. If there’s nothing driving them to complain (ie. passionately seeking to get their expectations met) then you’ve got a bigger problem — a non emotion-trigger product.

Jul 30, 2015  

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It's impossible for companies to focus on the 'easy' market segments (ie. non millenials) and get comfortable with a less than competitive product or service offering. 

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